• Specialized in repairing baths and showers

Grip Safety Coating

  • Safe, hygienic and maintenance-friendly

  • Possible to apply the coating yourself

  • You can remove it whenever you want

Why do you need a safety coating?

Slipping on wet surfaces is one of the most common causes of home accidents.
There is hardly anyone who has not had such an unfortunate experience at some point in his / her life.
And you know the saying: "Prevention is better than cure."

What about shower mats or adhesive strips?

Shower mats or adhesive strips are not a solution because they do not guarantee long-term stability. On the contrary: soap residues and wear make them even more dangerous and unpredictable.

In addition, after months of use, it is difficult to keep your shower or bath hygienic. Grip Safety Coating has been developed to be safe, hygienic and maintenance-friendly!

No wonder it has grown to become the world's most widely used anti-slip coating. Well-known bathroom manufacturers use Grip Safety Coating on their products. World-famous hotel chains apply Grip Safety Coating to their baths and showers.

Did you know...

Recubad is the exclusive provider of Grip Safety Coating in Belgium. Order your set today and prevent accidents!

Can I apply it myself?

Certainly! You can purchase a complete set from Recubad and apply the Grip Safety Coating yourself. The manual is in the box.

Need extra help?

Call us, talk to our staff or go for the option where we will apply the coating. This way you have a professional result in no time!

How much is it?

One set is enough product for 1.2 m². You can order your set from Recubad and we will prepare it for collection. Prefer to be delivered at home? You pay a small fee for shipping (depending on your location) and the product is neatly delivered to your front door.

What is included in one set?

Everything you need to apply the coating yourself: masking tape, degreaser, paint roller, manual and of course the coating itself.

What does the coating look like?

The coating leaves a rough texture. You feel the grip immediately but it only stands out if you focus on it.

SWISS GRIP prevents slippery falls and saves lives

What if I want to remove the coating?

The coating is a non-destructive adhesive. This means that you can delete it whenever you want.

I am a professional installer, can I use Grip Safety Coating?

I am a professional installer, can I use Grip Safety Coating?

Of course. Just let us know how much area you need to treat and we will make sure everything is ready for you!

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Need a repair?

Contact us and we will help you!

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