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The easiest way is that you send us an email with a photo of the restore damage. If you can also provide us with the correct address for execution,
we can confirm the cost price and possibilities for recovery.

In fact, all materials (acrylic, quaryl, composite, Solid Surface, enamel, etc.)
be repaired qualitatively and with guarantee, with the exception of ceramics (porcelain)

In most cases, the damage is practically invisible. if there chances are that your repair would be striking, given the size of the damage for example, this will always be communicated in advance.

Yes, Recubad always guarantees the work carried out. This warranty runs from 1 year to 5 years, depending on the work itself.

In most cases, your bath / shower will be usable immediately after recovery. In front of some repairs there is a drying time / curing time of 24 hours.
This is also always stated in the implementation.

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