• Specialized in repairing baths and showers

Recubad has several years of experience in repairing all types of plumbing.

From bathtub to swimming pool. This both in the private market and in various professional sectors such as the hotel, real estate and insurance sector. Thanks to our experience and proven quality, we also carry out expertise for many producers in the sanitary world.

Damage cases can be repaired at your location or, if not yet installed, the repair can also be done in our workshop.

We see a great deal of renovation of your plumbing: We repair and clean various materials such as enamel, acrylic and other plastics. Do you prefer a conversion from bath to shower, or replacement of your existing bath or shower with a new model, without breaking the surrounding finish?

Then we can certainly help you further with our insertion baths, bath & shower exchange systems and the customized acrylic wall covering.

Need a repair?

Contact us and we will help you!

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